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To book one of these short form workshops for your event or for more information please email hallo@paperpanther.ie


Thaumatrope Workshop

Create an optical animation toy! One of the simplest types of animation, very effective as an introductory class or for working with a young group.

Duration: 2 x 30 minutes, Group Size: 25 per session, Age Group: 4-8


Flipbook Workshop

Bring your story to life using this camera-less animation tool!

Duration: 90 minutes, Group Size 10-15, Age Group: 7+

dog wheel.png

Phenakistoscope Workshop

Create a looping animation using this Victorian optical toy. This project takes more planning than the Thaumatrope, but is even more rewarding when your drawings come alive!

Duration: 60 minutes, Group Size 10-15, Age Group: 7+