Youth Workshops


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Week long workshop

In this comprehensive workshop participants will get an indepth look at each stage of the animation production process. From storyboarding your idea to designing, building and animating characters, there’s something for every skill level. After your film has been shot, we take it away, edit it and add original music and sound effects. Films created in these workshops have won multiple awards at festivals around the world.

For an example of a previous week long workshop film click here.


full or 1/2 day workshop

Our full or 1/2 day workshops give participants the full experience of the animation production process in less time, including: brainstorming, storyboarding, character and background design, character building and animating under the camera. Each mini movie is edited by our team with music and sound effects added. Then we stick it on Youtube and let the likes roll in!

For an example of a previous full day workshop click here.


sand animation

Paint with sand and light to create an atmospheric and textured animation.

To see an example click here.


Hand-drawn animation

Use 2D animation techniques to transform one drawing to another.

To see an example click here.



Animate real objects and people to create a surreal short film.

To see an example click here.